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About iRAP


Innovative Research and Products (iRAP) provides industry-market research analyses and technical-economic assessments of business opportunities and technology commercialization for corporations and institutions. Our consultants have consistently demonstrated the ability to spot key trends at very early stages and stay on top of new developments.

iRAP conducts market research and industry analysis in current and new-generation technologies and products. Areas covered include advanced materials, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, processing technologies and products, advanced ceramics, metals and alloys, high-performance coatings, automotive components, aircraft and aerospace materials, electronic devices, photonic components, membranes, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceutical products and biotechnology. iRAP team members were among the first to produce research reports in several of these areas.


Areas of market research and industry analysis

iRAP provides market research and industry analysis in the following subjects:
Nanotechnology – nanomaterial, nanoparticle, nanostructured, nanophase material, nanotube, nanoimprint, nanomedicine, nanomagnetics, nanosensor, nanophotonic, nanocatalyst, nanofabrication, nano-enabled food packaging
Metals and alloys – copper, aluminum, steel, superalloys, stainless steel, powder metallurgy, armors, metal matrix composite
Materials – engineered materials, plastics, polymer, carbon, graphite, silicon, advanced material, high performance fiber, carbon, graphite, Kevlar, Spectra, advanced composite, advanced ceramics, alumina, zirconia, carbide, nitride, zeolite, industrial diamond, abrasive, aerogel, specialty glasses, Cermet, polycrystalline diamond, PCD, cubic boron nitride, CBN, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, reinforced material, imaging material, laser materials, photovoltaic material, lightweight material, armor material, soft magnetic material, aircraft engine material, aerospace material
Chemical – catalyst, filter, filtration, membrane, inert ingredient, inorganic material,
Coating – protective coating, adhesive, paint, conductive coating, thermal spray coating, thermal barrier coating, diamond coating, diamond-like carbon, deposition technologies, CVD, PVD,
Energy related – battery, fuel cell, micro fuel cell, hydrogen energy, thin film battery, lithium ion batteries, ultracapacitor, supercapacitor,
Electrical and electronic material – semiconductor, dielectric, thin film, think film, Piezoelectric material, piezoceramic, piezocyrstal, ferroelectric materials, electroceramics, superconductor, magnet, chemical mechanical polishing, CMP, auto electricals, sputtering target,
Electronic and optical devices – memory and storage devices, IC chips, microelectronic, microsensor, piezoelectric actuator and motor, electoactive polymer, MEMS, NEMS, storage device, wireless device, optoelectronic device
Food – organic food, branded baby food, antioxidant
Biotechnology related – biomaterials, biocatalyst, biochemical, bioceramic, biocompatible, biomedical product, biodegradable product, nano-bio convergence, biocompatible material, prosthetic devices, implant
Others – environmental impact assessment, semiconductor equipment, medical electronics.
Alberta Research Council (Canada) Hewlett-Packard
AlliedSignal ICO
American Plastics Council Ingenia Polymers
Applied Materials Inc Jarden Plastic Solutions
Bain Capital McKinsey & Company
Bekaert (Belgium) Merck KGaA (Germany)
Bonar Plastics ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Borealis (Norway) Nat’l Aerospace Leadership Initiative (NALI)
Bunzl Extrusion Norwesco
Camoplast (Canada) Novacor
Ciba-Geigy Pitney Bowes
Cookson Plastic Molding Procter & Gamble
Copper Development Association Quanex Corporation
Corning Rhone-Poulenc (France)
Dexter Corporation Ross,Dixon & Bell LLP
Dow Chemical Company Saint Gobain Industrial Ceramics
Du Pont Samsung Corning (S.Korea)
Durakon Industries Sandia National Laboratories
El Ameen Co. for Plastics (Egypt) Sinco Engineering (Italy)
Earthstone International LLP Standard Ceramics
Eastman Chemical Company Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co. Ltd. (Japan)
EOS Corporation Unilever
Ernst & Young U.S. Congress (Office of Tech. Assessment)
Fabbricazoni Nucleari s.p.a. (Italy) U.S. Trade & Development Agency
Fitch, Even, Tabin &Flannery United Technologies/Hamilton Standard
Gencorp Aerojet Wedtech (Canada)
General Electric Asset Management


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Nanotechnology 2011 Conference and Symposium


NANOMATERIALS AND NANOCHEMISTRY, NANO-ENABLED ENERGY SYSTEMS, NANOMEDICINE AND NANO-BIO CONVERGENCE- Emphasizing Emerging Science and Technologies, Applications, Commercialization and Business Opportunities


Javits Convention Center, New York, NY


November 1-3, 2011

Chem Show

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Dr. Thomas Abraham (Principal): Dr. Thomas Abraham is Principal of Innovative Research and Products, Inc. He has 20 years of experience as a market researcher, starting as Director of Advanced Materials Group at Business Communications Co. (BCC) in Norwalk, CT, and later becoming its Vice President of Research. He is experienced both as a materials scientist and a technical economic analyst in the field of advanced and nano materials. Dr. Abraham has completed over 50 multi-client market research studies in new-generation technologies and products. He has organized 10 international conferences in High-Tech Adhesives, Fine and Nano Powders, Nanoparticles, Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials.

At BCC, Dr. Abraham directed the market and industry analysis of advanced and nano materials, advanced technologies and related areas for 20 years. In this capacity, he conducted industry and market analysis studies on “Fine and Nano Ceramic Powders,” “Nanotechnology for Chemical Mechanical Polishing,” “Advanced Ceramics,” “Wear-Resistant Products,” “Advanced Glasses,” “Piezoelectric Materials,” “Carbon/Graphite Fibers,” “High-Performance Fibers,” “Ceramic Matrix Composites,” “Ceramic Coatings,” “Electronic Ceramics,” “Abrasives,” “Diamond Films,” “Sol-gel Technologies,” and “Soft and Hard Magnets.” These studies have been used by major corporations, research laboratories and government agencies all over the world. He also served as editor of a monthly publication, “High-Tech Ceramics News,” for 17 years. A graduate of Columbia University (M.S. and D.Eng.Sci., Chemical Metallurgy; Post M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management), Dr. Abraham had worked earlier for the University of Denver and Brookhaven National Laboratory.

One of the most important studies Dr. Abraham undertook was for the Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress on the “Strategies for Advanced Ceramic Materials in the U.S.” He has also conducted technology transfer and commercialization studies for several companies and major laboratories such as Sandia National Laboratory.

Dr. Abraham is frequently invited speaker on the state of the nano and advanced material industries. His articles have been published in leading industry journals such as Ceramic Industry, American Ceramic Society Bulletin, Industrial Ceramics, Ceramic Technology International, Vincentz Verlag, Magnews, Journal of Minerals, Metals and Materials (JOM), Glass Industry, High Technology Business, Materials Technology and Finer Points.

Dr. Peter Mooney (Associate): Dr. Peter Mooney has over 25 years of experience in plastics industry market research and is currently the Principal of Plastics Custom Research Services, which publishes multi-client reports covering issues of critical importance to plastics processors as well as the companies on their material and machinery supply chain. Dr. Mooney also designs and executes customized single-client market research programs that provide cost-effective and compelling market intelligence to plastics industry participants engaged in periodic strategic planning.

Dr. Mooney received his BA in economics from the College of the Holy Cross and his Ph.D. in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His areas of specialization were international trade and economic growth and development theory. From 1970 through 1980 he worked as an economist for the Irish government, and from 1982 through 1995 he taught continuing education courses in economics at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Mooney entered the field of plastics industry market research in 1981, joining Business Communications Company (BCC) and eventually becoming Vice President and Head of the Plastics Research Division. In 1993 he left BCC to establish Plastics Custom Research Services, originally based in New Canaan, CT, and since 1996 based in Advance, NC. He conducts both single-client and multi-client plastics industry research programs. He has written over 75 multi-client plastics industry reports, and he has conducted single-client research programs for over 75 domestic and foreign customers. He has organized, chaired and made numerous presentations to domestic and overseas plastics industry conferences.

Dr. Samuel Brauer (Associate): Dr. Samuel Brauer is the Principal of Nanotech Plus, LLC, which focuses on the business of nanotechnology offering analysis and operational assistance. Prior to establishing Nanotech Plus, Dr. Brauer was with Business Communications Company (BCC) for seven years, leading market research on a broad range of advanced materials topics including polymer nanocomposites, carbon nanotubes, advanced polymer composites, smart materials and switchable materials.

Dr. Brauer has spoken widely on nanotechnology and has been quoted in publications such as Fortune, Forbes, Business 2.0, Boston Globe, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Chemical and Engineering News, Chemical Market Reporter and Small Times Magazine. He received his doctorate in bio-inorganic chemistry from Dartmouth in 1990 and later worked as a postdoctoral fellow at UC Davis before joining BCC.

Alton Parrish (Associate): Senior Market Analyst Alton Parrish has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Carolina. He has over 25 years of experience as a journalist and market research analyst. He served as a reporter, news director and managing editor for Houston News Service and Metro News Service in Houston, TX before entering the field of market research.

Recent work includes “Nanofabrication Equipment for IT and Electronics” and “Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Energy And Related Nanotechnology,” published by Innovative Research and Products, Inc. He ha s also published a number of studies for Business Communications Company among them are: “Carbon Capture and Storage Technology,” “Holography for Industrial Applications,” “Market Potential For Metal-Air Fuel Cells” and “Portable Power Devices: Industry Review and Market Projections.”

Babu Lal Gupta (Associate): Mr. Babu Lal Gupta is a senior industry analyst with Innovative Research and Products. After completing a degree in mechanical engineering, Mr. Gupta worked for 35 years in R&D at key positions and handled high-tech product development in a number of fields. He has worked with leading ISO-9000 certified multinational companies.

Mr. Gupta has conducted industry and market analyses in the following subjects: Ultracapacitors, Autoelectric Products, Hybrid Electric Vehicle Components, Automotive Sensors, Automotive Semiconductors and Industrial Sensors.

Dr. Charles Brumlik, J.D. (Associate): Dr. Charles Brumlik the principal of Nanobiz, LLC. He is focused on commercial applications of alternate energy, advanced materials, cleantech and nanotechnology. These application areas include: membranes, water treatment and purification, green chemistry, electronic materials, displays, solid state lighting and sensors. While at ExxonMobil, Honeywell, and a Princeton law firm, he specialized in transactional and patent law to commercialize chemicals and materials. Dr. Brumlik has over 20 years of experience working with nanotechnology and cleantech. He published widely on creating and testing materials, devices and systems in the nano and meso scale. He now uses his combination of corporate and startup experience in a hands-on practical consulting style.

Shveta Gupta (Associate): Market Analyst Shveta Gupta earned her Bachelors Degree from Punjab University in Chandigarh (India) in 2001 and then worked as research assistant at DNA fingerprinting Unit of National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR).

She completed her Masters of Science Degree at Roosevelt University in Chicago (USA) in 2005 and has since been involved in research and market analysis of emerging bio-technology and nano-technology applications. Shveta has published reports on Nano-enabled Packaging for Food & Beverage Industry and Nano-enabled Pharma Packaging.